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Discover what your heart is trying to tell you. Learn your marriage mindset and see how it fits with your partner’s. Find out if you’re a Rational Heart, Restless Heart, Resolute Heart, Romantic Heart or Reluctant Heart, and see what it means for your relationship.

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Relationship Styles

Which one are you?

Rational Heart

Marriage is Hard Work

You have a very practical approach to marriage and view this life-long commitment with some caution. To you, a happy marriage is not the result of the mythical good fortune of having found your "soul mate." Rather, you believe that a rewarding union is the result of smart relationship decisions — and hard work.

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What is a Rational Heart?

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Restless Heart

I Need More Time

You are having a good time and don't feel ready to settle down. Restless Hearts tend to equate more responsibilities -including marriage- with less fun. Still, you are not totally opposed to marriage someday...

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What is a Restless Heart?

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Resolute Heart

Divorce is not an option

You see marriage as a relationship that is for always and forever. When it comes to marriage, you resonate with words like dedication, devotion and commitment. You believe in the institution of marriage and you're optimistic about being married for life.

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What is a Resolute Heart?

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Romantic Heart

We'll Live Happily Ever After.

Love, for the Romantic Heart, is adventurous, poetic, starry-eyed, chivalrous. At the center of it all is an idealism that expects love to be lived out with unending passion and ongoing intimacy. For the Romantic Heart, love always stands strong, overcomes all and is the source of unending bliss.

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What is a Romantic Heart?

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Reluctant Heart

Why Take The Chance?

More than most, you are cynical about marriage. In fact, Reluctant Hearts are the only segment to lack a desire to wed (at least eventually). In some cases, this may be because your own home provided an example of how not to do marriage. Both your motivation to marry and your expectations for marriage are low.

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What is a Reluctant Heart?

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