Rejuvenating Your RelationshipHas your relationship become a bit too predictable? Are you wondering how you might reignite the spark with your partner? These are common feelings to have, especially if you have been together for a while. Every relationship needs a boost from time to time to keep it fresh. The following ideas can help you reenergize your love for one another and feel connected to each other again.

  1. Make your relationship a top priority. It is easy to let “life” take over your focus and your energy. Make time for one another. Spend time enjoying each other’s company to reconnect, have fun, or try something new. Your partner should feel as though he/she comes first in your life, and you in his/hers.


  2. Appreciate the little things. Over time it can be easy to lose the courteous gestures that are common among dating couples. Remember to thank him/her for the little things he/she does that benefit your relationship and/or your family – no matter how small.


  3. Say “I love you.” Even though your partner knows it, he/she may need to hear those 3 little words more often. A phone call or a text message is a great way to show your partner that you are thinking of him/her, even when you are apart.


  4. Communicate for fun. When is the last time you had a really great connecting conversation with your partner? Remember some of the things you used to value talking about while you were dating. Even a 10-15 minute conversation at some point during your day can be very beneficial to the growth of your relationship.


  5. Communicate to resolve issues. While it is important to schedule time to have fun, stress-free conversation, you should also take time to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your relationship. Getting your feelings out in the open and allowing your partner to do the same, will help you work through any problems and move forward.


  6. Deviate from your routine. Getting out of your usual surroundings – especially going somewhere new – is a great way to reenergize your relationship. Switch up your routine from time to time. Take the dog for a walk, visit a flea market, plan a trip or go for a drive – anything “different” that allows you to spend quality time together. With all the demands of everyday life, it can be hard to make time for each other. Experiencing new things together is a great way to reenergize your relationship.


  7. Take time for sexual intimacy. True satisfaction in an exclusive relationship comes from sharing how you feel about your relationship (both emotionally and sexually), communicating your needs and caring for your partner’s needs. Intimacy is an important part of a healthy, happy relationship.


  8. Make time for yourself. It may seem counterintuitive to spend time alone for the benefit of your relationship, but it’s true. Couples who spend every moment together are more likely to experience conflict. It is important that you both have the freedom to pursue your own interests and time with friends. You will be able to offer more to your partner if you take time for yourself.


  9. Switch up your look. A new haircut or an updated outfit can serve to capture your partner’s attention. Not only are you more confident when you feel and look good, but your partner might also notice and respond to the “new you” in a way that reignites the spark.


  10. Take a class together. Enjoy learning together in a marriage and relationship education course, a photography class, or even trying out a new sport. Most of all, have fun! Learning something new together, especially something that requires teamwork, is a great growing experience for any relationship.

How will you challenge yourself to do something different to improve your relationship? Making a conscious effort to rejuvenate your bond with your partner is crucial to a health and happy relationship.